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Existing only

Survey & Drawing

Existing Drawing Only

What's in this package...


We simply visit your property, carried out a measured survey of the existing external & internal walls, create a 3D model of your property, then add external appearances and create an 'as-built' existing A1 scaled drawing, consisting of elevations, plan layouts of each floor,  ready to aid your planning application.


Prices may vary dependent on the size of the property and individual requirements, we'll advise at the time of quotation.

Call or Email Adam today.

Arrange an initial FREE-OF-CHARGE initial design visit

to discuss your ideas, work out what's best for your property to meet your budget, we'll then provide an itemised quote accordingly.



Using lasers and measuring equipment, our team carries out a 'laptop based' directly to our latest 3D CAD design software, this has great benefit to all, allowing us to create a scale 3D model of your property whilst reducing errors, return visits and keeping fees lower. Plus we can provide some structural engineers not only the 2D CAD but a full 3D CAD model of the existing and proposed, this can really help to reduce timescales and make their life easier! In turn, makes your build run smoother... 

Existing Drawing 'EX01'

Once the survey is complete, the model will be sent to one of our team to finalise, render the external appearances and add details to create an impressive A1 scale drawing ready for submission as part of your application.

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