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Rear Extension


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BH6 Bournemouth Dorset

An already lovely and well-presented house, we were asked to simply recreate the kitchen and utility area based on the requirements and budget of the client. With the client's ambition to sell the property on and aim for a first time grant from the local council. Due to the properties location and similar properties in the area, there was no doubt this would have any issues with regards to approval and we made sure to keep within the criteria of permitted development to achieve this.

We were asked to remove the downstairs toilet, which we tend to steer away from as it can reduce the functionality and would have a possible adverse effect on resale. However, the design and space that was created didn't have this negative effect, and actually increased overall light throughout the extension, and stopped any unwanted smells whilst sitting down and having your breakfast! 

During our initial meeting, there was discussion to create either a pitched or flat roof design, both had their positives and negatives and was a personal decision down to our clients based on their own preference and budget. We aided the decision with additional designs being explored to represent the options; a pitched roof with a vaulted ceiling was the final decision. We provided a detail section to explain the possible dimensions based on the given height of the pitched roof and (off the shelf) roof lights.

During the 8-week application approval process, we were contacted by the local council asking for an additional elevation view facing north-west, to aid the planners and their decision. Due to creating the 3D model of the house within our own CAD software system, we were easily able to create the desired view and send over within 1 working day to make sure not to delay the application and supplied free of charge.

Planning permission has since been approved and the project is now well underway! 


YPP350 - Fenton Road - EXISTING


YPP350 - Fenton Road - Planning - PROPOS

Proposed (Additional)

YPP-D01-350-Bournemouth-Pre-Design Secti
351-Additional-Side Elevation-Existing+P

Explored Options

351 - OPTION2-YPP-PR01-351-19 -Bournemou
351 - OPTION2-YPP-PR01-351-19 Fenton Roa
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