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Policies. terms & conditions

Invoices and payments:

Invoices to be paid within 14days from the date of the invoice unless agreed otherwise (in writing).



All drawing works and works carried out by YourPropertyPlans is to be covered by our third-party indemnity insurance.

Party walls:

Party wall surveyor must be appointed by the landowner at their cost and is not part of YourPropertyPlans project/costs. Unless clearly stated on our written quote and/or email.


Structural Engineer:

Structural Engineer must be appointed by the land/property owner or an appointed builder carrying out the work. Any costs associated are not part of our quotation and their cost and is not part of YourPropertyPlans project/costs. Unless clearly stated on our written quote and/or email. We will advise where we see fit for the recommendation of using a structural engineer, however, we leave the responsibility up to the builder and/or the main contractor for the property.


Planning Status drawings (existing & proposed):

Planning drawings are for planning only and should not be used for construction and/or time of build. If you require construction drawings, such as building regulations, please ask and we'll quote accordingly.

Rights to drawings:

We own the rights to all drawings for marketing purposes. Addresses and personal information will be removed for your privacy. We are happy to discuss and agree individual terms for all parties. 

Building regulations:

Whilst we aim to achieve minimum building regulations with all of our designs during the planning stage, our drawings are not released as 'building regulation/construction' status due to the complexity of the required details that is required and not required during the planning stage. Building regulation drawings are provided once we have supplied a written quotation or estimate based on planning drawings that have been granted by the council.

Fabrication status drawings:

FAB (fabrication) status drawings to be released only after planning permission has been granted and/or after building regulation status drawings. Drawings will be charged at our current hourly rate or agreed in writing. We may outsource these to sub-contractors or third party companies without notice, all drawings will be checked our end and released only once checked to minimise errors and create a reliable service to our clients.

Grant or refusal of planning:

Unfortunately due to the nature of planning and numerous factors that are out of our control, we can't guarantee planning will be granted. We can only advise suitable designs based on past experience and working in accordance with local planning policies.

Quotation & estimates:

Quotations and estimates are valid for 30 days from the date initially emailed,

We will increase council fees and third-party fees at any time.

Our quotations and estimates are based on our hourly rate at the time of issue.

All quotations are estimates based on previous projects, we aim to keep competitive and always at a reasonable cost.

Extras costs/additional over original quote or estimate will be highlighted during a project if any may occur, we will always point this out and confirm in writing.

Delays or errors associated with our drawings:

We will always highlight to our clients if we are aware of possible delays during a project and always aim to achieve client deadlines, however, due to the complexity and nature of our business, we can not be held liable for any late fees associated from works provided due to drawing errors or late delivery times unless agreed at the start of a project in writing and/or contract signed between YourPropertyPlans and you the client. Any errors that result in delays on-site, off-site, in the workshop and/or associated trades/works, YourPropertyPlans will not be held liable for this. If there is an error that is caused by us/yourpropertyplans we will help to resolve, advise a solution and help achieve the end result. All drawings work supplied to our clients must be checked prior to sending to manufacture, a check must be carried out by YourPropertyPlans client, any discrepancies found must be reported to YourPropertyPlans on receipt of drawing.

Credit note: Valid for 60 days.

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