Covid-19 #Stay@home Offer:

Single-storey extension planning drawings

Every little helps in this uncertain time so we are providing a discounted price for single-storey extension drawings, so we can keep the ball rolling on your projects!


( No VAT )

What's included for £869:


  • A1 Planning drawings - Existing & Proposed (3D as standard)

  • Planning Portal online fee £25

  • Online application council fee £206 (Householder application).

  • Application and submission, including updates during the 8 week's £120 £0 (No charge as part of this offer!)

  • Block, location plan & map purchase online £80

  • Remote survey (survey carried out by yourself recording a walkthrough of your property & taking basic dimensions of the associated rooms; subject to online information we can possibly acquire from website of a past sale of your property?

  • Phone support to guide you through taking dimensions (if you need it, happy to guide)

  • Carrying out application and submission online, overseeing application via email/phone during the 8-weeks.

  • All contact will be via phone, email and video calls.

We're working



Whilst working within the current Government instructions to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, we're currently offering remote architectural planning drawings and applications, by carrying out remote surveys, video-based calling and using floor plans from Right-move and other online sources.

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