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Do you live in the Dorset local area and looking to expand your living space?
Whether you require an additional bedroom, crave a contemporary open-plan living space seamlessly linked to your garden, or are simply tired of your conservatory's extreme temperature fluctuations.

We listen to your problems and desires, creating cost-effective solutions to enhance both your home and your lifestyle!


Adam Randall, an architectural designer based in Poole, possesses a passionate dedication to property, functional design and well-being. He specialises in crafting homes through meticulous

planning and construction drawings

specialising in renovations, extensions and loft conversions, employing a wealth of knowledge formed with first-hand experience blending construction and engineering principles into cost-effective modern design

Free initial design consultation
Call Adam today at Your Property Plans Ltd.

Do you have a project in mind?
Send Adam a direct email using the form below.

We will be in touch shortly, for a faster response please call us. 01202 287927

Click below to see our 5 Star  reviews! 

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"Our comprehensive

single-storey extension

Planning Drawing packages begin at £1200

guide you seamlessly from conceptualization to the application stage, incorporating our tailored 3D property survey and visual in-person presentation to our clients "
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